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Transportation & Shipping

Our standard shipping service includes: removal, embalming, refrigeration, dry ice, securing appropriate paperwork, filing the appropriate documents, permits, combination unit, and delivery to the airport.

All flights are scheduled and sent collect.

Payment is made by the receiving funeral home at the time of transport from the airport. We work with different airlines to provide the best transportation for our clients. We are not directly affiliated with any specific airline.

Dressing, Casketing, Cosmestics, & Restorative Art

We understand that arranging for funeral services is strategic and time consuming. Allow us to assist with the behind the scenes work. Our professional funeral staff will assist you with any dressing, casketing, cosmetic needs, and restorative arts. They have gone through extensive training to provide you quality service in each area of service. We are dedicated to providing you the best service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Removals & Embalming

When it comes to traditional services, Bluff City Mortuary has the experience. Our staff is dedicated to representing your firm and honoring both you and your client families wishes. We treat everyone with care and compassion, especially decedents. 


We embalm to your requests and standards. We are dedicated to honoring the preferences that you provide. 

Cremation Services

We honor every client and client family with dignity and respect. When it comes to cremations, as well as any other service, we continue uphold that standard. We will ensure that your client family has a very comfortable experience with us. 

Our standard cremation includes: removal, cooler storage, securing appropriate paperwork, filing documents, and cremation containers. Our staff is dedicated to providing you quality service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

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